The traditional element is being tenderly used to compose a warm tone and hospitality,ideal to enjoy the excellency of the international cuisine. Pastel colours meet the traditional wood that leads to sculptured rocks within a bright coloured hall. Woodcut furniture decorate the place and betray in an indirect way the yearning and taste of the owner.

Deluxe illuminants bring up memories from old eras, just like being an lordly house. Various works of art like paintings can be found all around the hall which can serve a total of 300 people on 50 tables.

All tables are covered with high quality tablecloths, which reflect the owners respect towards the customer while fulfilling the need to express the high quality of service you will experience from our personel.

All specially organised and decorated spaces are ready to cover all your needs from a professional meal up to any social events.
We are available at your service at any time while being able to keep you away from weather conditions at any season. We provide dew under the kiosks in a verdurus garden during summertime. An enviroment capable to keep you away from anxiety and everyday routine.
The fully qualified personel will always take care of you and ensure that you experience the best possible service in order to feel just like being at home.